How a custody lawyer can be of help to you


If unfortunately, you are undergoing a divorce, one of the most complicated issues that arise is which partner will be the primary caretaker of the children. All agreements concerning the care of the children are legally binding, and they precisely determine which responsibilities each parent will handle. Two primary issues are usually resolved. The first one is who will be responsible for making legal decisions for the kids and where will the children physically live each day. The residence of the children can be jointly shared between both parties, or a single parent can be chosen as the as the sole caretaker. When both sides cannot reach an agreement among themselves, a custody lawyer can be of so much help in the legal proceedings. Below are some ways an attorney can help:

Familiarity with family law

Finding an experienced and skilled lawyer is helpful because he/she will be well prepffvghvbhjkjbnkared for any issues that may arise. They are able to understand what the other party may be up to and have several counter arguments prepared. This will come in handy especially if your situation is complex and your partner is asking for primary and full custody.

Experience with negotiation

According to statistics from the American Bar Association, fewer than five percent of this kind of cases usually get to a judge. This is because, in a lot of the cases, the parents come to an agreement before they find their way to the courthouse, usually through negotiations that are aided by their attorneys. Hiring the services of an experienced custody lawyer is mandatory during negotiation process because a lawyer increases the chances that you will receive what you want while at the same time retaining your legal rights. A good custody attorney will negotiate for your best interest and those of your children.

Confidence with courtroom procedures

If it the case happens to be brought before a judge, a good custody lawyer will be aware of how to correctly present your case in the best way possible. They have confidence with sophisticated courtroom procedures, and they are usually organized and ready to utilize evidence to support your argument.

Ability to set up child support

rctvhvjbjkbvhjbhjbjIf you happen to find a skilled and experienced lawyer, he/she will be able to negotiate so that you partner can pay an adequate amount in child support. If you do not have a professional to assist you in your case, you may not know how to handle the child support issues, and you could end up receiving a legally binding, inequitable amount.