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Since 1915, The Fellowship of Reconciliation in the United States has led campaigns to obtain legal rights for conscientious objectors, win civil rights for all Americans, end the Vietnam War, oppose U.S. intervention in the Third World, and reverse the superpowers’ arms race.  An interfaith pacifist organization, the FOR has members from many religious and ethnic traditions.  It is part of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, with affiliates in 40 countries.  The Chapter was founded on Armistice Day in 1975.

In the development of its program FOR depends upon persons who seek to apply these principles to every area of life, and even into the workplace whether that means an office setting, a job on the road or a local plumbing operation.  If you are not already a member, we invite you to join us in this endeavor.  Membership consists of signing the Statement of Purpose, indicating that you agree with FOR goals.   

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2236 Kaelin Avenue, Louisville, KY  20405-2658  E-mail: [email protected]