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FORsooth is the acclaimed Louisville Fellowship of Reconciliation’s (FOR) monthly newspaper.  Starting over twenty years ago as a simple schedule of local events and activities, the paper has grown to its present 8 page format.  It is still considered to be the very best place to look for a comprehensive schedule of events, activities and local contacts for Louisville's peace, justice and solidarity communities.

Since 1915, The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FORUSA) in the United States has led campaigns to obtain legal rights for conscientious objectors, win civil rights for all Americans, end the Vietnam War, oppose U.S. intervention in the Third World, and reverse the superpowers’ arms race. An interfaith pacifist organization, the FOR has members from many religious and ethnic traditions.  It is part of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, with affiliates in 40 countries.  The Louisville Chapter (LFOR) was founded on Armistice Day in 1975.

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See Rhonda Mawhood Lee’s book about our Louisville FOR  co-founders, Through with Kings and Armies: The Marriage of George and Jean Edwards (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2012). Click HERE.

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